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Trauma Can Teach

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Directed by Lewis Dodds

Trauma Can Teach follows the stories of 4 passionate creatives battling their past traumas, converting their negative past into art. Past traumas don't define us, and don't stop us from following our dreams.

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"In 2017, my girlfriend took her own life. I can't physically put into words how this made me feel. My outlook on life completely changed that day. I could have turned to alcohol or drugs, but I luckily enough realised early on that nothing can change what happened.  I focused all my emotion into writing music, as it seemed to be the only thing that stopped me from losing myself. I still struggle with this every day, I have anxiety attacks every day, but I try to not let it control me. I'm grateful to have life, family, friends and music. Never let your traumas define you as a person."


"Newcastle born and bred. Dad died of throat and lung cancer when I was 11. Struggled with anxiety, depression and grief through most of my teenage years and managed to overcome it. Fitness and exercise was my life for the most part as a free runner and personal trainer. This was all taken away when I developed multiple vascular compressions (vein abnormalities). Music is now my saviour and where I pour my frustration and energy. My goal right now is to raise enough money to afford surgery for my compressions. And to help other people through their struggles via my music. I want to make my dad proud x"


"Chicago born self-made tattoo artist. I moved to the UK after struggling with multiple substance addictions that started with being prescribed Ritalin from age 14 for A.D.D.  My parents divorced when I was young and I blamed myself as a lot of kids do without realising. From this came a void I tried to fill with substance abuse. How I am still alive I don’t know, but I take it as a sign I need to help others by voicing out. I have moved in between Chicago and England most of my life, finally moving to the UK permanently at age 21 to try and leave my past behind, and only proved you can’t run from your problems, you have to hit them head-on. After 20 years of abuse and misuse, I’ve crawled away from a false safety blanket to start discovering who I really am. Tattooing and my daughter are two of my saving graces. I am thankful to be alive and have made a positive impact on others, though I suffered inside."


"Born in central Poland, I moved 200 miles south with my mum and stepdad at the age of 8, in order to pursue our dream of living in the mountains. Due to the abusive alcoholic behaviour of my stepdad after 5 years of living the dream, we were forced to move away as far as possible. On the 25th of July 2012, we touched down in Cheltenham. With the help of my mum's old high school friends, within a month, we all moved to a flat in Weston-Super-Mare. Since then I got my GCSE’s, A-levels, took a gap year and I'm currently studying Photography, as well as pursuing my passions of travel, skating, as well as many more."

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